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We identify the most promising Startups for highly specific focus fields by using our AI-based Startup Scouting technology

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What makes us unique?

INNOSPOT develops an AI-based Startup Scouting solution to identify the best matching Startups based on their product, service or technology for Corporates, Accelerators and Corporate Venture Capital. By leveraging our intelligent search- and crawling technology in combination with human expertise, we support you to find the most promising Startups around the globe extremely fast and with outstanding quality.

Technology-based Startup Scouting

Avoiding the manual search for Startups through an automated Startup Scouting process

Exclusive Startup Database
A fully automated and AI-driven Web Crawler identifies and classifies Startups around the globe and therefore builds our own, exclusive Startup database. We enrich every Startup with additional information from various data sources.
Ø new Startups per week
Startup Scouting - INNOSPOT Crawler
Dedicated Search Technology
Our Search Technology uses Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing to analyze the Startup’s product, service and technology to provide the most promising matches. The search process is supported by an intelligent and highly intuitive Startup Search Engine.

Individual Solutions


Startup Scouting for your highly specific focus fields based on a specific use case, problem or in a certain technology area.


Identification of the most relevant and promising Startups for your next batch and targeted promotion of your program.

Strategic Investor

Identification and assessment of relevant Startups for strategic investments to improve the quality of your Deal Flow.

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