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Startup Scouting

We provide AI-based Startup Scouting to identify relevant Startups for your business globally.

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Technology-based Startup Scouting

By using our AI-based Startup Scouting solution we increase efficiency and quality of your search process.

Highest Quality

We use a structured AI-supported search process to find and cherry-pick Startups that really fit your needs.

Highest Efficiency

We reduce your time-consuming manual Startup research by identifying Startups automatically and evaluating them with our intelligent algorithms.

Worldwide Coverage

We expand your scope and provide structured access to the worldwide Startup ecosystem.

Focus on Product, Service and Technology

By analyzing the Startup‘s service, product and technology we detect disruptions and hidden use cases.

Our crawler identifies new Startups day by day globally. Our crawler never sleeps.

Individual Solutions


  • Highly targeted scouting of Startups based on a specific use case or in a certain technological area
  • Evaluation of the Startup-Corporation-Fit by industry experts
  • Startup monitoring to identify new technological trends and disruptive business models as early as possible


  • Identification of the most relevant Startups for your next batch
  • Find hidden Startups with a very specific profile for your use cases or technologies
  • Targeted promotion of your program through our network of partners

Corporate Venture Capital

  • Identification and assessment of relevant Startups for strategic investments
  • Analysis of trends and competition in your specific target market
  • Structure your Startup Scouting process and get access to the worldwide startup ecosystem

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