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Drive your innovation goals by finding the perfect Startups for your organization based on data and analysis instead of gut feeling

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INNOSPOT Referenz - Wacker Chemie
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The INNOSPOT difference

We bring transparency into the fast changing and non-transparent Startup Ecosystem. We help corporates mitigate risk, avoid hype and accelerate growth.

Technology-based Startup Scouting

Leverage today’s smartest technology to find the right Startups for your organization

Having transparency over the world’s Startup landscape gives you a competitive advantage. We are owning one of the largest Startup Databases in the world and don’t rely on any other data provider. Enriching this data with millions of data-points and refreshing them every 30 days gives us data insights that nobody else has.

Startup Scouting - INNOSPOT

Our Solutions to boost your Startup Scouting

Choose the solution that matches your individual requirements

Startup Scouting Software

Use our web-based Startup Scouting Software to get a unique perspective on the global Startup ecosystem. Identify Startups based on their product, service or technology in very specific search fields leveraging today’s smartest technology.

Professional Scouting Services

Engage our dedicated Startup Scouting Team to find the best Startups to conquer your unique challenges. Rely on our experience plus the full portfolio of INNOSPOT’s knowledge and data science tools.

Stop searching, start finding!

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Julian Bergmann
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