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Wingtra is based in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. The company houses 50+ employees, out of which more than 20 focus on R&D.


8092 Zurich, Switzerland

General Information on Wingtra

Brand name Wingtra
Company name Wingtra AG
Founded year 2017
Employees 51 - 200
Contact [email protected]

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Recent News and Activity about Wingtra

GIM International 21.04.2022
Wingtra Unveils Multispectral Camera with Panchromatic Sensor

The RE-P offers pansharpened output resolutions of 2cm flying at 60m. This is twice the ground resolution of RedEdge-MX. These previously unattainable multispectral resolutions are thanks to both the 5.1 MP panchromatic sensor and the faster image capture rate – three frames per second. You can also extract useful digital elevation models, just like you would with a 24MP RGB sensor. And there’s no need to switch up your software. RGB definition ...

sUAS News 18.04.2022
Wingtra unveils latest multispectral camera: the MicaSense RedEdge-P

Video courtesy MicaSense.We’re excited to bring RE-P to our customers, because it breaks through an efficiency barrier while holding to our high-quality standard. You get both RGB definition and high-resolution multispectral in one flight. Add to this WingtraOne’s fast coverage, easy setup, and high-quality PPK, and we now offer an all-in-one solution for a wide range of projects.Julian MackernProduct Manager, Wingtra These orchard outputs ...

Wingtra news
Inside Unmanned Systems 19.10.2021
AirData and Wingtra Announce New Partnership

As of October 19, AirData UAV and Wingtra are excited to announce a new partnership which enables AirData, the leading drone data management platform, to process and analyze flight logs from the world’s most efficient and reliable VTOL on the market. The Wingtra-AirData collaboration provides surveying and mapping pilots a streamlined, reliable way to track and manage flight data and aircraft maintenance, providing efficient access to ...

Wingtra news 06.08.2021
Wingtra launches WingtraOne GEN II

WingtraOne GEN II features:Brand new oblique payload for exceptional 3D map qualityPPK on every drone, including with multispectral payloadsSelf-diagnosis, fail-safe algorithms and services for dependable operations

Wingtra news
Spatial source 05.08.2021
Wingtra launches the WingtraOne GEN II

The company says the WingtraOne GEN II brings next-level worksite reliability and mapping versatility, while its oblique payload and advanced reliability algorithms enable mapping larger, faster and anywhere.The WingtraOne GEN II is the result of six years of development and 100,000 flights. PPK is integrated on every drone — including with multispectral payloads — and the next-level electronics infrastructure and self-diagnosis, fail-safe ...

Sensors & Systems 04.08.2021
Wingtra launches WingtraOne GEN II—a next-generation VTOL drone with an oblique payload and advanced reliability algorithms

VTOL drone that offers industrial reliability and mapping versatility with a new oblique camera configuration for high-quality 3D drone mapping data capture.Known for its vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) precision and dependable data capture over large areas, WingtraOne has been chosen by professionals worldwide across many industries. TheWingtraOne GEN II represents a solid step forward in industrialization and reliability along with some ...