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Shortcut is a leading platform to digitize personnel development and talent management to noticeably improve company performance and employee satisfaction.


Berlin, Germany

General Information on The Shortcut

Brand name The Shortcut
Company name The Shortcut GmbH
Register number HRB 227607
Founded year 2021
Employees 1 - 10

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Qanvast 11.08.2022
Wet and Dry (Cheat) Sheets: The Shortcut to a Clean Home

The fact is, cleaning takes up so much of your time – but what if we told you that there’s an easy, low-effort shortcut to getting your home clean? Introducing the Magiclean Wet and Dry Sheet s – your go-to light cleaning solution that is not only efficient, but is also easy enough to be done regularly, in between routine heavy cleaning sessions. If you’re not convinced that they’re fit for the job, here’s how homeowners (like you!) are using ...

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News Break 02.06.2022
The shortcut magic of mole paste

I sprang up to watch her hands work, my eyes dancing as she simmered and whisked and doctored this complex, rich, mysterious sauce — turning a paste into a feast. She laughed when I asked "peanut butter?" as she spooned some into the sauce. It nicked the heat and gave the flavor some backbone. Sugar was folded in, encouraging the mole to sweeten, balancing the nuttiness and spice. The Doña María jars, with their signature octagonal base, were ...

PropSocial 11.05.2022
The Shortcut A-Z on SPA 23

Nevertheless, the most important document that will pass through your hands is the Sales and Purchase Agreement - otherwise also known as the SNP or SPA. A SPA document is where all the prices, terms and conditions are hammered out between the buyer and the seller, or in most cases between the buyer and the developer. Everything will be stated there, from the payment manner, date of delivery for vacant possession and the details of the ...

The Shortcut news
Gamerant 07.04.2022
Sifu: Where To Find The Shortcut In The Sanctuary Level

By Joseph Martin Carew Sifu 's fifth and final level, the Sanctuary, can be one of the most challenging in the game. Though not as long as previous levels, the Sanctuary has no shortage of difficult enemies standing between players and the final boss in the game. This makes securing the shortcut in this level of Sifu especially important. The Sanctuary brings players to a small group of buildings separated by gardens and training areas and ...

The Shortcut news
Gamerant 29.03.2022
Sifu: Where To Find The Shortcut In The Squats Level

By Joseph Martin Carew Sifu is a challenge for those who are just picking up the title. Its realistic combat and unique style can be an adjustment, as can its interesting punishment for multiple player deaths. While the game can be difficult, Sifu does, however, offer shortcuts for those who have progressed to a certain point in a level. This olive branch to players starts in the first level of the game, Squats. Though this is the first level, ...

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TweakIndia 09.01.2022
The shortcut to getting your kids to read (without a fuss)

The next time a Fortune 500 CEO needs a master negotiator to wear down the opposition and close a particularly difficult deal, he should call for back-up from the best in the business: moms. Known for their powers of persuasion (which include ‘The Big-Eyes Stare'). Their resilience in the face of a cranky opposition. Their ability to change tactics, sometimes waving the stick, other times offering delicious gajar ka halwa . No MBA school can ...

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Ava360 22.12.2021
The shortcuts to Theranos

E ARLY ON IN “The Inventor”, a documentary about Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, she talks about her childhood-reading habits and her interest in what makes a great leader. “So much changes in our society technologically but as humans we don’t change a lot,” she says in that slow, deep voice. Listen to this story Your browser does not support the element. Enjoy more audio and podcasts on iOS or Android. Whatever the verdict in Ms ...

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Unsealed 4X4 22.12.2021
Spotlight On The Plenty Highway – The Shortcut You Should Take Slow

Leg 2 – Tobermorey Station to Jervois Station (219km) Leg 3 – Jervois Station to Gemtree (208km) Leg 4 – Gemtree to Alice Springs (138km) Important things to consider on the Plenty Highway The Plenty Highway requires plenty of supplies Rain conditions and road closures Phone and internet service The Min-Min lights Best time to travel Spotlight on the Plenty Highway The Plenty Highway spans 498km from the QLD/NT border through to the ...

Head Topics 10.12.2021
The shortcuts to Theranos

.Whatever the verdict in Ms Holmes's ongoing trial, on charges of defrauding investors and patients by making false claims about the startup's blood-testing technology, she is right about that. The story of Theranos is not simply about how its leaders behaved, and whether they deliberately misled others. (Ms Holmes denies the charges.) It is also about how people take decisions. The trial has shown how cognitive shortcuts helped propel the firm ...

The Shortcut news 30.11.2021
The Shortcut To Creating Trust

They are just the first trust hurdles. Then we need to have potential clients open up about their financial history, health and family issues, their future dreams and aspirations….all the deeply personal things that they generally don't really want anybody to know. It doesn't happen unless they trust that the professional can help them, and safeguard their interests and information. Every professional knows this of course, and generally has a ...

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