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We're Superchat, an interaction management platform that gives local businesses a better way to communicate with prospects and help them convert more leads into customers. From online finding to acquiring existing customers - Superchat supports you every step of the way.



General Information on Superchat

Brand name Superchat
Company name SuperX GmbH
Register number HRB 218902
Founded year 2020
Employees 11 - 50
Contact [email protected]

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Recent News and Activity about Superchat

Superfuture 22.06.2022
Superchat Yekaterinburg: Natalia Bryantseva

Contemporary jewellery brand Avgvst first caught our eye in 2018 when opening a compact yet brilliantly designed standalone boutique in the heart of Moscow. Founded in 2013 by Natalia Bryantseva, originally a successful advertising professional who started jewellery design as a mere hobby, her designs quickly resonated with a larger group and was even picked up by Vogue Russia. So, from a passionate leisure activity on the side, it became a ...

Superchat news
Racing 365 11.04.2022
SuperChat – Video clips speak to possess Russia, India and you may Poultry

An alternative group “Recorded Reveals” keeps featured. This means that you can now observe individual tracks from the any time. StripChat are closed to help you Russia, Asia and you may Poultry. If you’d like to check out the Stripchart webpages, you need to go into the SuperChat address and then you tend to be used to the formal reflect. SuperChat Alive – this can be an ...

Product Hunt 10.03.2022
Superchat - Games and Apps on Whatsapp

Superchat is a browser extension that lets you host games on Whatsapp. To start off we have Dhruvle: A word game similar to the super popular Wordle. Challenge your friends and family to guess a 5 letter word!

Superchat news
Anime News Network 08.03.2022
Former hololive VTuber Uruha Rushia's Online Alter Ego Racks Up 900,000 Yen in Superchats

An online personality believed to be the alter ego of the former hololive Virtual YouTuber Uruha Rushia earned over 900,000 yen (approximately US$7,800) in an unarchived test livestream on Sunday, according to Playboard's data on YouTube's Superchat statistics. Entertainment news outlet J-Cast reported that in the hour-long stream, the female content creator Mikeneko obliquely addressed the controversy around Rushia's termination from hololive. ...

Superchat news 02.03.2022
State of the Union Live Reaction Stream (Superchats Enabled!)

Credit: Rumble

Vietnam Explorer News Channel 18.02.2022
YouTube Shorts Monetization: Platform to Introduce SuperChats and Shop Directly

Shorts is YouTube's way to compete with TikTok but something that didn't really incentivize creators, however, is the lack of monetization. YouTube Shorts Monetization Additions YouTube is now adding additional ways for creators on Shorts to monetize the TikTok video-like format. Although YouTube is still falling behind TikTok, the company hasn't stopped innovating within the platform. YouTube is reportedly adding new ways for users to ...

Superchat news
Tech Times 11.02.2022
YouTube Shorts Monetization: Platform to Introduce SuperChats and Shop Directly

Urian B., Tech Times 11 February 2022, 02:02 am Ever since TikTok launched, different major platforms have been looking for ways to keep up with the trendy app through offering alternatives. Shorts is YouTube's way to compete with TikTok but something that didn't really incentivize creators, however, is the lack of monetization. YouTube ...

Superchat news
Deutsche Startups (Germany)(German) 04.02.2022
Superchat und die millionenschwere Kommunikation -

Das junge Berliner Startup Superchat, bei dem sich alles um Kommunikation dreht, sollte jeder auf dem Schirm haben! Insgesamt flossen nun schon 18,8 Millionen Dollar in das Unternehmen, das im Juli 2020 gegründet wurde - unter anderem von Blossom Capital und 468 Capital. Zu den vielen Startups, die man unbedingt im Blick behalten sollte, gehört das junge Unternehmen Superchat. Beim Berliner Startup, das 2020 von Yilmaz Köknar und Mika Hally ...

Superchat news
Deal Advisors by Majunke (Germany) (German) 31.01.2022

BMH BRÄUTIGAM hat Superchat im Rahmen der Serie A Finanzierungsrunde in Höhe von 15,6 Millionen US-Dollar beraten. Neben Leadinvestor Blossom Capital hat sich auch Bestandsinvestor 468 Capital an der Runde beteiligt. Damit hat das Unternehmen in knapp einem Jahr insgesamt 18,8 Millionen US-Dollar eingesammelt, die vor allem für den Ausbau des Teams, die Expansion sowie die Weiterentwicklung von Funktionen und Integrationen mit bestehenden ...

Superchat news 19.01.2022
Mori Calliope cracks down on “distasteful” superchats on YouTube stream

The Hololive star is cracking down, stopping readings, and even giving money to up and coming VTubers if viewers make toxic donations. Being one of the most popular VTubers on the planet, Mori Calliope has made millions off of YouTube's inbuilt superchat system ⁠— $1.7 million to be exact The donations, which work similarly to Twitch ones, pop up on stream with a little message. VTubers like Calli also give viewers special shoutouts for the ...