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SERGO helps you to start your digitalisation effort efficiently and quickly with automated processes and individual solutions in the best possible way.


Hasselbrookstraße 127, 22089 Hamburg, Germany

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Brand name SERGO
Company name SERGO GmbH
Register number HRB 166455
Founded year 2021
Employees None
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News Agency InterpressNews 13.11.2022
Sergo Chikhladze: Georgian Dream says three persons cannot be called a union - if there is a three-member union, why do they make 30 statements every morning, afternoon and evening?! Why are they worried?

“ Georgian Dream says three persons cannot be called a union - if there is a three-member union, why do they make 30 statements every morning, afternoon and evening?! Why are they worried?” Sergo Chikhladze, one of the leaders of Strategy Builder, told journalists. As Sergo Chikhladze noted, the three parties - Strategy Builder, Droa and Girchi – More Freedom continue to hold meetings in the regions. "The plan is to meet as many people as ...

News Agency InterpressNews 11.08.2022
Sergo Chikhladze: The Georgian Dream, Bidzina Ivanishvili, Kobakhidzes, Gharibashvilis, are most hurt by Ukraine's victory over Russia today

Every small or big victory of Ukraine will be a big pain for the Georgian Dream, Sergo Chikhladze, a member of Strategy Builder, told journalists. Sergo Chikhladze responded to the statement of Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the President of Ukraine, and noted that Georgian Dream chose the Russian path. Chikhladze expects sanctions to be imposed on Ivanishvili and other persons in the fall. "The Georgian Dream, Bidzina Ivanishvili, his service ...

SERGO news 17.06.2022
Street in Tbilisi has been named after Sergo Parajanov

Street in Tbilisi has been named after Sergo Parajanov. The Lane of Kote Meskhi Street located in Mtatsminda district is named after acclaimed film director. He lived on Kote Meskhi Street for years. On his way home Parajanov had to pass the very lane that is named after him. Sergo Parajanov was a Soviet film director and artist who made significant contributions to Ukrainian, Armenian and Georgian cinema. He invented his own cinematic style, ...

WFSB Eyewitness News 3 02.05.2022
AMAZING K9 DUOS: Meet Officer Sergo and K9 Mack from East Haven

“Me and Mack have been a K9 team since 2019,” Sego said. “I started back in the police department in 2015. He's got three certifications, two national [and] one state. We got certified by Superior Canines in Newtown, CT. He was given to us by Grasso Shepherds out of Shelton, but also with that being said, he was donated to us by Forbes Fuel out of East Haven.” Anyone who wants to support the K9 program can send donation checks made out to the ...

News Agency InterpressNews 24.03.2022
Sergo Chikhladze: If Papuashvili and other leaders of the Georgian Dream do not see the new geopolitical reality and opportunities, it indicates their ignorance

According to him, if Papuashvili and other leaders of the Georgian Dream do not see the new geopolitical reality and opportunities, it indicates their ignorance. "Mr. Shalva is demagogic, no one from the opposition has talked about the return of territories by military means. We are working with our partners to find peaceful ways, unlike the Georgian Dream. As for the fact that a new geopolitical situation has been created in the world and a ...

SERGO news
News Agency InterpressNews 06.03.2022
Sergo Chikhladze: Strategy Builder offered the government an action plan for receiving EU candidate country status, but here has been no response so far

However, as Sergo Chikhladze noted at today's briefing, so far there has been no response from the Prime Minister or the parliamentary majority. "It is already the fifth day that an application has been submitted on behalf of the government regarding our membership in the European Union, but we reiterate that the mere application does not mean that this issue will be resolved positively. 5 days ago, on the same day as the application was ...

SERGO news
Seldon 23.01.2022
v "Sergo's" business center the room under the public catering organization for 35 million rubles] is on sal

Its area – 550 sq.m. The project cost specified in the announcement on a site Avito, makes 35 million rubles. In the announcement it is specified that functionally the room is suitable both for daily catering services, and for the organization of banquets and holidays. Earlier in Perm on sale the shopping center for 80 million rubles is exposed. In Perm Territory four non-residential premises and object of a cultural heritage are exposed on ...

News Agency InterpressNews 19.12.2021
Sergo Chikhladze: Meetings will be held this week and they will be attended by Strategy Builder

As he noted, the main thing is the position of the government. "Other parties may have different visions, therefore, these visions and approaches should be agreed, but the main thing is the position of the government. Ultimately, the government will make the main decision. We need to agree on a compromise that is good for everyone. There should not be"I won, you lost"approach. We, Strategy Builder, have a 7-point plan and it would be wrong to ...

Dkoding 07.12.2021
Serca Financial's Founder Sergo Rica Offers Unique Mortgage Solutions For People Looking to Purchase or Refinance Their Homes

Sergo Rica Based in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and servicing all of Ontario, Serca Financial's Founder, Sergo Rica, launched a comprehensive suite of mortgage products and services such as renovation financing, consolidating debt, mortgage refinancing, renewing or switching mortgages, credit repair, and more. It's a long list of options that will help buyers if the market heats up short term amid the threat of rising interest rates, but ...

SERGO news
News Agency InterpressNews 08.11.2021
Sergo Chikhladze: From today we live in a state ruled not by the government, but by an Al Qaeda-like group

According to him, "Georgian Dream" doomed Mikheil Saakashvili to death."The main thing and the first demand is to transfer the third president, Mikheil Saakashvili, to a high-tech clinic in the civil sector, which has not been satisfied and the government, on the contrary, has demonstratively made the worst and wrong decision. He was sent there, by kidnapping, under the operation of confusing traces,"Georgian Dream"became like a terrorist ...