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ReShore creates living breakwaters, an innovative solution to provide coastal protection, environmental sustainability and food production.



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Brand name ReShore
Company name ReShore
Founded year 2020
Employees 1 - 10
Founding team

Frej Gustafsson

Contact [email protected]

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American Prospect 25.05.2022
Commerce Department Could Pay Manufacturers to Reshore Critical Production

In recent months, the baby formula crisis and other dangerous shortages have alerted Americans to supply chain disruptions that have even as the global pandemic has tapered. In response, Congress is finally on the verge of passing $52 billion in spending on semiconductors, though the investment would come years after the chip shortage was first identified. That spending is at the center of a major industrial-policy bill (called COMPETES/USICA), ...

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Observer Reporter 21.05.2022
Nextracker reshores manufacturing equipment from China to counter supply chain turmoil

Follow @EngelsAngle For the second time in as many months, Nextracker has secured new steel production lines in the U.S., bringing the solar tracker manufacturer's domestic capacity to 10 GW. Nextracker said it reshored equipment from China to the Atkore Steel facility in Phoenix as a means of mitigating risk caused by supply chain turbulence. The new production lines are dedicated solely to Nextracker's regional projects and could create ... 18.05.2022
Future Summits 2022: Big hitters pledge to reshore chip-making to EU

The opening day of this week’s Future Summits meet in Antwerp, Belgium – imec’s “flagship event” on nanoelectronics advances and deep-tech solutions – saw a range of presentations not only by the research center’s specialists and commercial partners but notable figures from politics and global initiatives. High-profile afternoon session speakers included Ursula von der Leyen, President, of the European Commission, which recently introduced the ...

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Industry Europe 12.05.2022
Astrata signs Bosch deal & reshores production to France

Astrata's European production will be done at the Bosch plant in Mondeville, France. Credit: Bosch The decision to restore activities from Southeast Asia to Europe came in light of the global component shortage experienced throughout 2021. Astrata says that the move will shorten delivery times and cut logistical risks as part of its mitigation plans. Read more: Bosch opens €1bn Dresden chip plant, Merkel urges "catch-up" The company was ...

ReShore news
Naver 28.04.2022
Korean companies 'reshore' to avoid disruption, lower costs

and higher costs overseas Capacity in the home market is becoming a major asset Star Group , a rare earth magnet manufacturer started building a factory in Dalseong County Daegu in November The construction is percent complete and will be wrapped up in July Kong Koon-seung CEO of Star Group said The company started manufacturing in Shangqiu Henan Province China in China produces percent of the ...

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ThomasNet 20.04.2022
GM, Micron, Lockheed, and Other Major Companies Reshore Amid Supply Chain Strains

In the years following World War II, the U.S. was the world’s industrial powerhouse — in part due to Cold War defense spending, the housing boom, and an expanding automobile industry. Eventually, though, many U.S. companies turned to other countries like Japan, Taiwan, and later China for access to raw materials and relocated production to cheaper terrain. But priorities are now shifting, and major manufacturers have plans to reshore and bring ...

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Just Style 06.04.2022
Top tips for UK brands looking to reshore production

In a webinar aimed at informing and advising on the best way to reshore production, Elliot Barlow, UKFT’s manufacturing consultant said brands are starting to examine whether the overall cost of bringing a finished product into the UK outweighs the cost and complexity of having it produced locally. Barlow said while UK brands have had plans to reshore on the agenda for the last decade, the issue is now more prevalent due to taxes, tariffs, and ...

ReShore news
Free Republic 05.03.2022
If You Want to Build Back Better, Reshore Our Entire Supply Chain: The U.S. is too addicted to waste and distant sources of essentials.

The problem with deciding on the wunnerfulness of "free trade" by looking at the price tag is that all the real costs of dependency and profiteering are not in the price on the tag: the "market" doesn't include those costs because that would reveal "free trade" as a catastrophically bad deal for the people whose nation becomes dependent on others for their essentials. 02.03.2022
European companies increasingly moving to reshore Asia production

Outsourcing activities to low-wage countries in Asia has been one of the biggest trends in the past three decades. By farming out elements of production to countries like China and Bangladesh or aspects of customer service and software engineering to countries like India, companies reduced costs while revenues boomed. Leveraging outsourcing, companies have been able realise a competitive advantage over competitors who retained work in more ...

ReShore news
中文商业新闻网 (Chinese business news network) 01.03.2022
The Metals Company Welcomes Growing Recognition from Political and Military Leaders of Deep-Sea Nodules’ Potential to Strengthen National Security and Reshore Supply Chains for the Clean Energy Transition

The Metals Company Welcomes Growing Recognition from Political and Military Leaders of Deep-Sea Nodules’ Potential to Strengthen National Security and Reshore Supply Chains for the Clean Energy Transition