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PlayTreks meet the growing demand for transparency in the music industry with Playtreks.



General Information on PlayTreks

Brand name PlayTreks
Company name PlayTreks B.V
Founded year 2020
Employees 1 - 10
Founding team

Anjo D.

Robbert Vroegindeweij


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With Guitars 05.05.2022
PlayTreks Establishes Proof-of-Concept In the Indie Music NFT Space

PlayTreks Establishes Proof-of-Concept In the Indie Music NFT Space — Thousands of Musicians Are Now Using ‘The Playgrounds’ Who says superstars get to have all the music NFT fun? As jaw-dropping NFT-minting headlines abound, PlayTreks has been quietly building its blockchain solution for indie and DIY artists. Now, the pre-Series A company is hitting critical early thresholds on its ‘The Playgrounds’ NFT marketplace.

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Steemit 09.12.2021
World Best Music Station PlayTreks In This Online Crypto Project

Properly introducing NFT can be described as an enjoyable great asset during the computerized audio country's economy. They've been an essential completely new resource for just two craftsmen and also amateurs. They've been useful to write about the brand new and also completely unique work because of qualified personnel you cherish, crowdfund creative ideas pooling together with synovial work throughout artisans, design small group formation, ...

PlayTreks news
Steemit 09.12.2021
Best Crypto Music Station PlayTreks Project In 2021

Adding NFT can be an awesome great asset inside the digital song country's economy. They may be a vital completely new tool for two main craftsmen together with amateurs. They may be utilized to write about brand-new together with completely unique get the job done with companies you, crowdfund tips pooling and also ankle work over artists, generate constrained range formation, embedding, and also mass media experience, backstage regarding ...

PlayTreks news
Alternative Emerging Investor 09.12.2021
Massence Records Goes NFT with PlayTreks, the All-in-one app for the music industry

Massence Records PlayTreks LOGO Michael Shynes - Chasing After The Moon Massence Records will distribute music via the PlayTreks app. They also will mint a limited amount of NFTs, available for purchase on PlayTreks' Marketplace. The All-In-One platform gives them a 360 degrees view on their music performance, whether on playlists, or on the radio, so our clients are always up to date and in control over their content”— Winston ...

PlayTreks news
Steemit 07.12.2021
Playtreks - приложение All in One для музыкальной индустрии | ОБЗОР

#cryptotoken #blockchain #musicindustry #musictech #artistsonlinkedin 4 minutes ago in #cryptocurrency by vladique Reply

PlayTreks news
Medium 03.12.2021
PlayTreks music

Playtreks, formally enlisted as an organization on June 23, 2020, situated in Hasselt, Belgium presently with twelve workers. The Playtreks stage was delivered as a public beta in January 2021, and for the most part accessible to the general population in April 2021. Playtreks exists to make the worldwide music industry more straightforward for craftsmen, makers, authors, record marks, lyricists, and anybody with an imaginative or financial ...

PlayTreks news
Medium 01.12.2021

Information examination stage PlayTreks as of now gives knowledge into content stages like web-based features, web-based media, and other substance sharing. By examining information accumulated on those stages, PlayTreks provides clients with a superior thought of how their substance is performing across their professions including radio airplay checking. Yet, presently the stage is growing its contribution with a blockchain-based commercial ...

PlayTreks news
Steemit 26.11.2021
PlayTreks is a data analytics company for the music industry

#cryptocurrency #blockchain #musicindustry #musictech #artistsonlinkedin 1 minute ago in #treks by amild Reply

PlayTreks news
Bitcoin Isle 26.11.2021
PlayTreks Releases Blockchain-Based Copyright Tool

The all-in-one app announces the release of its latest module, Copyright Control. PlayTreks , the ALL IN ONE app for the music industry, with powerful features such as music distribution to traditional streaming platforms and a blockchain-based marketplace, music performance analytics, and much more, officially launches its copyright control module. Marketing Technology News: Thanks Again Partners With Pentadata A logical next step for ...

FOX 40 WICZ TV (NY) 24.11.2021
PlayTreks releases blockchain-based copyright tool

As the name indicates, the Copyright Control module, which can be used stand-alone, or in the PlayTreks app, allows users to register ownership, which is stored in a blockchain smart contract. Registering original content means that copyright is retained by the creator and not assigned to a third party. The copyright is used to indicate that creation, like work/recording, is self-published. As digital media becomes the norm, blockchain ...

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