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Perkio helps companies employees create and improve wellbeing, while keeping personal data anonymised. Using a mix of data science, user psychology and machine learning, they gather data, discover trends and immediately provide tailored initiatives to everyone in the company.



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Brand name Perkio
Company name Subatomic B.V.
Founded year 2021
Employees 1 - 10
Founding team

Melinda Jacobs

Contact [email protected]

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Recent News and Activity about Perkio

Hot New Hip Hop 20.09.2022
Perkio Says Because Lil Durk Is Single, He's Single

Perkio's one of the more famous celebrity doppelgängers at the moment, or at least one of the most talked about. He's linked up often with his lookalike, Chicago rap star Lil Durk, whether it's for concerts or getting involved in his 6ix9ine beef. However, Perkio's taking their physical resemblance a little too personally, as after rumors of Durk splitting with India Royale started to spread, Perkio's revealed he's going single as well. Rumors ...

Hot New Hip Hop 15.09.2022
Perkio Reveals He's Charging $10K Per Show

It's been wild to see people become celebrities just for looking like rappers these days. Fake Drake became notorious on social media, and a Kodak Black doppelgänger was recently christened Kodak Crack online. However, Perkio is one of the most well-known non-celebrities in this category, with his clone Lil Durk even bringing him out on stage for his tour stop in Miami. That same notoriety has made his presence profitable. Perkio took to ...

Hip Hopvibe 19.07.2022
Lil Durk lookalike gets knocked out in Florida casino; Fans confused him for real Durk and fake “Perkio” Durk [VIDEO]

Lil Durk lookalike gets knocked out at Florida casino Lil Durk remains one of the biggest stars in the industry, as he's also had a lookalike go viral, over the past year. This one nicknames himself “ Perkio ,” as he definitely resembles the actual Chicago rapper. There has also been rumors from over the weekend, that Durk or Perkio got knocked out. This comes after a lookalike got punched, at a Florida casino. A brawl ensued, as this man ...

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Hot New Hip Hop 18.07.2022
6ix9ine Makes Peace With SteveWillDoIt Following Perkio Incident

It seems like Tekashi 6ix9ine has no problem burning bridges. Though no one in the hip-hop community really rocks with him, he's made friends with plenty of YouTubers who aren't as pressed about 6ix9ine's mode of operation. SteveWillDoit of The Nelk Boys didn't shy away from showing love to 6ix9ine in the past but things took a turn for the worst following the whole Perkio situation.  Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images  SteveWillDoIt ...

HipHopDX 24.06.2022
Lil Durk Addresses 6ix9ine 'Ambushing' His Perkio Lookalike On '7220' Deluxe

Lil Durk dropped off the deluxe edition of his chart-topping 7220 album on Friday (June 24), adding 14 new songs to the project to bring the total sum up to 31.Among these new tracks is "Huuuh," a rambunctious trap song that finds Durk partially commenting on 6ix9ine ambushing his viral doppelgänger Perkio in an attempt to taunt the Chicago lyricist back in April."Man I'm Durk and you got my 'lo, why you play with Perk?" Durk raps on the song. ...

Perkio news
XXL Mag 24.06.2022
Lil Durk Addresses 6ix9ine and Perkio Incident on New Song

Lil Durk appears to be sending a shot at 6ix9ine on a new track. On Friday (June 24), Lil Durk released a deluxe version of his 7220 album. The updated edition contains an extra 13 songs, including one where Durkio addresses 6ix9ine taunting him with a look-alike earlier this year. On the Gxsha and LowLowTurnThatUp-produced track, Lil Durk drops the lines, "Man, I'm Durk, and you got my lo', why you play with Perk? (Why you play with ...

Perkio news
HotNewHipHop 03.05.2022
Kodak Black Lookalike Appears Online, Joining The Ranks Of Perkio & Fake Drake

There's never been a better time to resemble a rapper. In recent months, we've seen random people who just so happen to look like DJ Khaled Drake , and Lil Durk surface online, generating plenty of buzz and building brands for themselves as semi-professional doppelgangers. The most recent recording artist to be imitated (but never duplicated) is Florida native Kodak Black . In a clip shared by Akademiks on Instagram, a man who could be mistaken ...

Know Your Meme 29.04.2022
Perkio / Fake Lil Durk / Smurk

Perkio is the name of Lil Durk's twin who was recently trolled by 6ix9ine in a video. Now everyone's mad at the rainbow-haired rapper once again.

Perkio news
Hot New Hip Hop 29.04.2022
Lil Reese Responds To Perkio Over 6ix9ine Meet-Up: "Change His Name"

Perkio recently hopped on his Instagram live, clearing up a video posted by Tekashi 6ix9ine, where Perkio is seen visibly uncomfortable while receiving a gift from the Dummy Boy rapper. In the video, 6ix9ine approaches Perkio to put a jacket on his back, emblazoned with a large image of the late artist, King Von. The video quickly went viral due to the ongoing beef between 6ix9ine and Durk, Perkio's namesake, and both fans and fellow artists had ...

Alpha News Call 28.04.2022
6ix9ine Continue Trolling Lil Durk By Using The Chicago Rapper Lookalike Perkio In His Instagram Video

6ix9ine Continue Trolling Lil Durk By Using The Chicago Rapper It is clear from the video that Perkio was very uncomfortable with the whole situation but 6ix9ine has continued taking videos of him with Perkio, even though everyone could sense his uncomfortableness. The rapper posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “ @lildurk I had a gift for the bro @kingvonfromdao you niggas ain't never gon slide but they definitely rep you all day on ...

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