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11 - 50



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We at Origin by Ocean are creating a neo-ecology biorefinery process business. We are using harvested and farmed sea and ocean grown biomass such as algae, bladder wrack and kelp as raw material.



General Information on Origin by Ocean

Brand name Origin by Ocean
Company name Ocean Orchard Oy
Website https://originbyocean.com/
Founded year 2019
Employees 11 - 50
Founding team

Granstrom Mari

Mikael Westerlund

Contact [email protected]

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Vistos 18.08.2022
Origin of Oceans | Spring Summer 2023 | Full Show

Origin of Oceans | Spring Summer 2023 | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PARAISO Miami Beach) #Originofoceans #Paraisomiami #SS23 Sue Verran – Burning Love Divine Bob Bradley – Have A Good Time

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Somag News 09.12.2021
Vivo Origin OS Ocean, Which Will Change The Android Experience, Has Been Announced!

event where it explained its plans for the new period and introduced the new operating system Vivo Origin OS Ocean . Within the scope of the event, important information such as the remarkable features of Origin OS Ocean , the date it will be offered to users and which phones it will come to first were shared. Vivo will break the game with Origin OS Ocean Origin OS Ocean , which was stated to be introduced by Vivo in the past weeks, has ...

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Gsmarena 06.12.2021
vivo publishes new video teaser for upcoming Origin OS Ocean

Today the company has published a new video teaser for the upcoming OS version, and, rather unsurprisingly, it all starts in the ocean. The new UI design elements are neatly showcased too, it's not just an empty teaser, this one. The home screen UI is especially new and fresh compared to the previous iteration of Origin OS, and apparently the traditional Android home screen / launcher experience is gone now, fully replaced with vivo's ...

Gizchina 29.11.2021
Origin OS Ocean update will be revealed on December 9

However, much to our surprise, this new skin with a different design and layout was exclusive to the Chinese market. Global smartphones are still shipped with FuntouchOS which keeps evolving in its own way. We already know that Android 12 will come with FuntouchOS 12 in future global Vivo smartphones, but what will happen to OriginOS? Now, we have the answer: Vivo will release a new version dubbed OriginOS Ocean on December 9. In the next week, ...

Seldon 14.10.2021
Scientists explained the reason of impossibility of origin of oceans and life on Venus

In everything the Sun and lack of opportunity for creation of clouds is guilty. The age of Venus not strongly differs from Earth, and the planet was created about 4,5 billion years ago. Initially it also was shrouded in magma and gradually cooled down under the influence of surrounding space. In...

Scribd 02.10.2021
New models may upend the origins of ocean animals

A study offers new context for a pivotal step in the evolution of life on Earth: the dramatic proliferation of animal life, hundreds of millions of years ago, in the ancient sea.The prevailing scientific theory has been that ancient waters were filled with nutrient-rich particulate matter, giving the oceans a soup-like consistency. In that scenario, early animal life—living on the seafloor and shaped like fronds, leaves, and bushes—could feed ...

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World Ocean Initiative 22.07.2021
Life in plastic: The journey of plastic from origin to ocean

July 19 2021 | min Recent estimates of plastic waste flowing into the ocean paint a grim picture. About 11m tonnes of plastic entered the ocean in 2016—and without action, that figure could almost triple, to 29m tonnes per year, by 2040 Asia is at the centre of the crisis: just four countries (China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam) account for about half of the plastic waste that flows from land into the ocean. Moreover, nine out of the ...

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