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Okarito is an intuitive platform that allows you to manage and centralize all of your business trips. The solution simplifies your accounting while allowing you to gain control and visibility over your expenses.



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Brand name Okarito
Company name Okarito
Website https://www.okarito.io/
Founded year 2018
Employees 11 - 50
Contact [email protected]

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Stuff - NZ 21.11.2021
Ōkārito, West Coast: One of the best natural wonders in New Zealand

In the conservation world, wetlands are super important, for many reasons, including being home to many endangered species, including birds, fish and trees. A key player for national health and biodiversity, wetlands capture carbon and keep water clean, among many other benefits. Ōkārito, tucked away on the South Island's West Coast, is one of the last bastions of wetland biodiversity, and arguably one of the best. Ōkārito is the kind of place ...

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Vents Magazine 23.10.2021
Larry Mindel’s Poignant New Single: ‘Okarito Ways’

Singer and songwriter Larry Mindel has recently taken to the Internet to release a brand new studio work titled Okarito Ways. The single stands out due to Larry’s beautiful vocal phrasing and incredibly poetic lyrics. In addition to that, there is something quite special about how everything in the production seems to fall in together seamlessly. The piano parts are atmospheric and dreamy, and by contrast, the drum kit is very punchy, with a fat ...

Skope Entertainment Inc (Online) 22.10.2021
An Ode To Nature: Larry Mindel’s ‘Okarito Ways’

The song showcases a masterful approach to arrangement and production, with a clear-cut sound that reveals Larry Mindel’s musical identity. The meaning strikes hard like the best easy listening music, while there is also some nuance to it, akin to some of the finest jazz-pop out there. This comes highly recommended if you like great songwriting with some gripping storytelling, and a deeper meaning behind it.Find out more about Larry Mindel, and ...

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Music Crowns 29.09.2021
Larry Mindel is back on the scene with a new release: Okarito Ways

You should definitely check this out if you are a fan of artists like John Mayer, Paul McCartney, and Wilco, only to name a few. Like all of those aforementioned artists, Larry Mindel is a true wizard at crafting music that is immediately likeable and diverse, and Okarito Ways is definitely a manifesto of his attitude and creative excellence. Today’s music scene is a s diverse as ever, and I really enjoy how Okarito Ways is sounding in terms of ...

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