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Brand name Octamer
Company name Octamer GmbH
Register number HRB 242392
Website https://octamer.de/
Founded year 2018
Employees 1 - 10
Contact [email protected]

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bioRxiv The Preprint Server for Biology 24.12.2021
Chaperoning of the histone octamer by the acidic domain of DNA repair factor APLF

Abstract Nucleosome assembly requires the coordinated deposition of histone complexes H3-H4 and H2A-H2B to form a histone octamer on DNA. In the current paradigm, specific histone chaperones guide the deposition of first H3-H4 and then H2A-H2B(1-5). Here, we show that the acidic domain of DNA repair factor APLF (APLFAD) can assemble the histone octamer in a single step, and deposit it on DNA to form nucleosomes. The crystal structure of the ...

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bioRxiv The Preprint Server for Biology 30.10.2021
Structure Insight into Photosystem I Octamer from Cyanobacteria

ABSTRACT Diversity of photosystem oligomers is essential to understand how photosynthetic organisms adopted to light conditions.

bioRxiv Subject Collection: Clinical Trials 07.09.2021
Biochemical characterization of a human septin octamer

Abstract Septins are part of the cytoskeleton and polymerize into non-polar filaments of heteromeric hexamers or octamers. They belong to the class of P-loop GTPases but the roles of GTP binding and hydrolysis on filament formation and dynamics are not well understood. The basic human septin building block is the septin rod, a hetero-octamer composed of SEPT2, SEPT6, SEPT7, and SEPT9 with a stoichiometry of 2:2:2:2 (2-7-6-9-9-6-7-2). Septin rods ...

Octamer news
Journal of Cell Science (Online) 12.08.2021
Cell-free assay to study recombinant human septin octamers

Iv et al., 2021 ) now develop a rapid, two-tag protocol to isolate, for the first time, recombinant human septin octamers that contain distinct isoforms of SEPT9, a ubiquitously expressed septin with five isoforms, and characterise their structure and biochemical properties. They first confirm the octameric nature of the septin complexes in solution and provide evidence for SEPT2 occupying the end positions of octamers. The authors then examine ...