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About KOMI

Komi is the very first brand of original and organic spice blends for everyday dishes.



General Information on KOMI

Brand name KOMI
Company name BRCN SARL
Website https://komi-epices.com/
Founded year 2020
Employees 1 - 10
Contact [email protected]

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Recent News and Activity about KOMI

Seldon 03.12.2022
To Komi Republic volumes of sales on Internet] gre

For the end of October, 2022 commodity stocks in retail network of the organizations Komi Republic were estimated at 12,2 billion rubles, level of commodity stocks made 38 days trades. About it it is spoken in Komistat's report on RK economic and social situation... Buyers are served by animes characters In Tokyo the first-ever round-the-clock shop where visitors are served by animes avatars of the employees working from at home opened. The ...

Seldon 03.12.2022
I am madly grateful to all involved in this fine event - the prize-winner of the First youth Arctic Delphic games from Saint Petersburg about competitions to Komi Republic

The bronze prize-winner of the First youth Arctic Delphic games in the nomination "National Singing" Chukhnova Maria from Saint Petersburg commented passed in Komi Republic on creative competitions... The governor of the Algerian capital Mohamed Abdenur Rabekhi declared that Algeria and Moscow become twin-cities. His words are transferred by Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". As told Rabekhi to agency, the Algerian delegation ...

Seldon 03.12.2022
The ACRE Komi Republic] raised a credit ratin

Increase explain with improvement of indicators of the budgetary profile against high growth rates of the tax and non-tax income and increase in own liquidity. JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "AKRA" (ACRE) raised a credit rating Komi Republic with A - (RU) to the A (RU) level, having changed the forecast with "Positive" on "Stable". As they say in the press release of agencies of December 1, increase of a credit rating Komi Republic is caused by improvement ...

Seldon 03.12.2022
To Komi Republic 61 new cases Koronavirus] are reveale

To Komi Republic in days Koronavirus is confirmed at 61 persons (yesterday - 64)... The infectiologist Eugenie Timakov warned Russians about three waves of incidence of flu in the country which are expected in the current epidemic season. He noted that at the moment there is the first wave, after a train of New Year's holidays in January the second will come, and at the end of February - already the third. "Most likely, there will be three waves ...

Seldon 02.12.2022
Komi Republic for the first time since 2017 received the new MI-8MTV-1 helicopter which has arrived from plant to Kazan

Vladimir Uyba in the video address told today about updating of helicopter park JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "KOMIAVIATRANS". Today at the airport Syktyvkar the new MI-8MTV-1 helicopter which has arrived from plant to Kazan made landing. The aircraft is acquired according to the plan financial improvements the enterprise developed and approved at the request of chapter Komi Republic... Will transport passengers of Boeing-757. Author: Olga...

Seldon 02.12.2022
To Komi Republic in days Koronavirus it is confirmed at 64 people

To Komi Republic in days Koronavirus is confirmed at 64 people (yesterday - 57)... © Pixabay/Igor Lukin Moscow, 2 Dec - Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". It is possible to grow thin by New Year 2017 quickly enough if to choose the correct diet, the doctor of medical sciences, the dietitian Aleksey Kovalkov is sure. In radio Sputnik interview he called a way to dump five-ten kilograms in two-three weeks. For short term the ...

Seldon 02.12.2022
In production divisions Komi Republic PAO "T Plus" branch PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "T PLUS" the new equipment] arrive

The vehicle fleet of Komi branch of PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "T PLUS" and LLC "Vorkutinskie TETS" replenished with six units transports. It is acquired within realization investment programs JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "YUNIS" (the T Plus"enters into Group")...

Seldon 28.11.2022
In the south Komi Republic became warmer

In the afternoon on November 28 in the southern areas there will be about 11 degrees of a frost. In Syktyvkar and Objyachevo will be-9...-11 °C, ice izmorozevoye adjournment. In Ukhta and Vorkuta-11...-13 °C are expected. In Ust-Tsilm predict-10...-12 °C, strong ice izmorozevoye adjournment. In Usinsk and Inte temperature will make-14...-16 °C. In Vuktyl, Pechora and Troitsk Pechorske will freeze to-16...-18 °C, ice izmorozevoye adjournment... ...

Seldon 27.11.2022
In the republic will let out albums modern the Komi of music

The chairman of the Union Komi Republic "MI" youth kotyr Makarova Svetlana participated in the III Interregional youth educational forum "Altai" and there were the winner Vserossiyskogo competitions youth initiatives among natural persons... © Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti" / Eugenie Biyatov Saint Petersburg, 27 Nov - Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". The suspect of murder of the woman of Saint Petersburg ...

Seldon 27.11.2022
The most popular web professions how to settle and how many can be received to Komi Republic

Web specialists - to these experts well pay, and they can work from any point of the world. Today the experts connected with web development and social networks are appreciated. Let's consider possibilities of training and employments and requirements to such employees. And also what salaries are ready to pay employers to representatives of web professions... Many large brands cut expenses on advertizing in Twitter because of policy of her new ...