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Komi is the very first brand of original and organic spice blends for everyday dishes.



General Information on KOMI

Brand name KOMI
Company name BRCN SARL
Website https://komi-epices.com/
Founded year 2020
Employees 1 - 10
Contact [email protected]

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Recent News and Activity about KOMI

Seldon 14.08.2022
The number of the diseased kovidy to Komi Republic exceeded 174 thousand

In days an infection confirmed at 66 people... © Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti" / Averin Sergei the Man shows the splinters of a 155-mm shell found near a house, after attack of VSU of inhabited sector in Kalininsky rayon Donetsk. Archival photo Donetsk, 14 Aug - Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". Three civilians got wounds as a result of attack Svitlodarsk from the Ukrainian armies, reports a staff of ...

Seldon 14.08.2022
Business of the 25-year-old inhabitant of Kirov which has kidnapped the 8-year-old girl to Komi Republic, sent to court

To Komi Republic will condemn the 45-year-old inhabitant of Kirov Region who is accused of kidnapping of the 8-year-old child. About it reports State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company "VYATKA" with reference to the press service of Prosecutor's office of the Komi Republic. According to a source, incident happened on April 6, 2022 in Yemva. According to the investigators, the suspect, being at a wheel cars, partitioned off road to the juvenile ...

Seldon 14.08.2022
Komi Republic celebrated the 100 anniversary train start on the right draft

The engine with the modern car will ply from August 14 to August 28, practically all tickets are sold already out... Committee on Agro-Industrial and Fishery Complex of the Leningrad region To Leningrad Region made giant sandwich. Its length made 47 meters 95 centimeters, claim in the press service of Government of the Leningrad region. The size was chosen not casually. Automobile code of Leningrad Region - 47, and this year 95 years from the ...

Seldon 13.08.2022
To farmers Komi Republic is recommended to refrain from purchases pigs because of the African plague

To farmers Komi Republic is recommended to refrain from purchases pigs because of the African plague To country (farmer) and personal subsidiary farms Komi Republic is recommended to refrain from acquisition of domestic pigs in order to avoid distribution of the African plague of pigs (APP)...

KOMI news
Seldon 13.08.2022
Musical festival, exhibition balalaikas and panel discussion: as to Komi Republic will pass the VII Nalimovsky readings

In Komi Republic will pass a number of the creative actions, devoted to the VII Nalimovsky readings. From August 21 to August 23 in the item Nyuvchim and pages Vylgort will take place an interregional musical festival, a mobile exhibition balalaikas, panel discussion...

Seldon 13.08.2022
How many honey inhabitants eat Komi Republic

In recent years to Komi Republic starts gaining popularity beekeeping. On the eve of Honey Saviour Territorial body of Federal State Statistics Service on Komi Republic answered questions of production and honey consumption. In 2021 in the republic in farms of all categories 832 thousand pchelosemy were. 65% pchelosemy are the share of personal subsidiary farms of the population, farmers contain other part. In the last two years the increase in ...

Seldon 13.08.2022
Deficiency of sugar will not be - Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Komi Republic

Deficiency of sugar will not be - Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Komi Republic Ministry of Agriculture and the consumer market Komi Republic with reference to information BUT "The union sakharoproizvoditely Russian Federation" reports that deficiency of sugar will not be...

KOMI news
Seldon 13.08.2022
Incidence Koronavirus to Komi Republic returned to April indicators

In days an infection revealed at 71 persons. Last time similar indicators fixed in the second half of April. According to a site stopkoronavirus.rf, for August 13 to Komi Republic 173 936 cases of Koronavirus (%2B71) are confirmed officially. 7 people are hospitalized. In days wrote out 54 patients. To only Komi Republic since the pandemic beginning people had this infection of 170 331 times (repeated infections are not excluded). The number of ...

Seldon 13.08.2022
In Komi Republic it will be cool and rainy

In the majority of municipalities of the republic on August 13 will pass rains. Rather warmly there will be only in the south Komi Republic. In Syktyvkar will be %2B19... %2B21 °C. In Objyachevo it is expected %2B21... %2B23 °C. In Ukhta and Troitsk Pechorske predict %2B16... %2B18 °C, intermittent rain. In Vuktyl weather forecasters promise %2B15... %2B17 °C, in the afternoon small rain. In Pechora and to Ust-Tsilma temperature will make ...

Seldon 12.08.2022
In Ministry of Health of the Komi Republic told how "treat online" patients with tuberculosis

There was information that in Republican tuberculosis dispensary two offices are closed. In such conditions "patients treat online". Ministry of Health of the Komi Republic did not see violation in such format of work. As commented on information agency "BNK" in Ministry of Health of the Komi Republic, in structure of a hospital of an adult complex of a clinic (Syktyvkar, Dimitrov St., 3) five round-the-clock offices. "For rationalization of use ...