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Komi is the very first brand of original and organic spice blends for everyday dishes.



General Information on KOMI

Brand name KOMI
Company name BRCN SARL
Website https://komi-epices.com/
Founded year 2020
Employees 1 - 10
Contact [email protected]

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Recent News and Activity about KOMI

Seldon 25.09.2022
Komi Republic carried out the first group called on mobilization

The first group mobilized within partial mobilization carried out on special operation to Komi Republic, the head of the region Vladimir Uyba in the video address on its page on a social network "VKontakte" reported on September 25. "Today, on September 25, in pursuance of the Decree of the Supreme Commander, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about partial mobilization the first … [group] of our children left for protection of ...

Seldon 25.09.2022
To Komi Republic mobilized the first hundred people

The first hundred mobilized went to Komi Republic. "Russian Federation sends today the best sons for protection of the Fatherland. We are on a history change. In fact, war is declared only Russian Federation. Today the question already costs not only that we defend interests Donets Basin, but also in keeping Russian Federation as the independent, indivisible state" — was declared by the official. As reported information agency "REGNUM", m ...

Seldon 25.09.2022
To Komi Republic 374 new cases Koronavirus] are reveale

To Komi Republic in days Koronavirus is confirmed at 374 people (yesterday - 385)... The list of prime drugs which surely have to be stored in the home first-aid kit the therapist, the gastroenterologist of "CM Clinic" Kalandiya Shota called to agency website "Agentstvo ekonomicheskoy informatsii PRAYM-TASS". First of all, houses always have to be febrifugal, anesthetics and sorbents. It is also important to store near at hand antihistaminic ...

Seldon 25.09.2022
To Komi Republic activists "United Russia" Party supported meeting in support of a referendum on Donets Basin

Syktyvkar gathered on a central square deputies, supporters and members "United Russia" Party, and also representatives of public associations and national and cultural autonomies. "Today the collective West conducts against Russian Federation frank war. Being on thorough Russophobic positions, in eight years of United States of America, England and the collective West created from Ukraine"Antirossiya"and untied the military conflict. Feeding it ...

Seldon 20.09.2022
The marten hid from dogs at a house entrance in Komi Republic

Inhabitants of Yemva in Komi Republic noticed on a window leaf at a house entrance a marten. About it on Tuesday, September 20, reports information agency "Komiinform" with reference to group of the Knyazhpogostskiye Vesti newspaper. Incident happened this day in the house No. 27 on Leningradskaya Street. It is noted that the animal was frightened and growled on people. In group assumed that it can be a well-groomed house sable, but the version ...

Seldon 15.09.2022
In Komi Republic the quarantine phytosanitary zone on the Siberian silkworm] is establishe

The order of North Sea interregional managements Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance of September 14 established a quarantine phytosanitary zone and the quarantine phytosanitary mode on the Siberian silkworm (Dendrolimus sibiricus Chetverikov) in Komi Republic in Priluzsky district, Sysolsky district, Koigorodok district, Troitsko-Pechyorsk district is entered... Photo: Kolbasov A. the Chief weather forecaster of ...

Seldon 15.09.2022
Mironov Eugenie invited the Komi-Permyak theater to the Moscow festival

The Komi-Permyak drama theater from Kudymkar becomes the participant of the first festival of arts "Gorky Maxime in Park Gorky Maxime" which is devoted to life and creativity Gorky Maxime. As the art director of a festival the national actor Russian Federation Mironov Eugenie acts. Residents of Perm will show to the Moscow audience the performance "Girl and Death", told Russian information company "URA.Ru" at theater... A valuable theatrical ...

Seldon 14.09.2022
During SVO the police lieutenant from Komi Republic] was los

During special military operation the employee of group mobile "Zyrian" of ADMINISTRATION OFFICE ROSGVARDIYA ON OF THE KOMI REPUBLIC the senior police lieutenant Rebenok Mikhail heroically was lost. Vladimir Uyba chapter. "Rebenok Mikhail was born in Syktyvkar. Served in special division since 2016. In 2017 carried out fighting tasks in the territory of North Caucasus region Russian Federation. During special operation on protection of the ...

Seldon 13.09.2022
In the market of the food Komi Republic the fourth month remains a deflation

Gasoline automobile in a month became more expensive on the average for 8%, but and viaperelet economy class fell in price for 37%. About it it is spoken in Komistat's press release. Food goods the Prices of grapes in August fell by 25%, tomatoes — for 22%, cabbage and beet — for 21%, potatoes, carrots and bananas — for 17%, cucumbers — for 16%, onion and pears — for 10%, garlic — for 9%, lemons — for 7%, I skin mushrooms and greens — for 6%, ...

Seldon 13.09.2022
Two magazines on the Komi language became winners federal competitions nurseries and youthful mass media "Magic word"

In the past weekend in the Nizhny Novgorod state regional nursery of library of T.A. Mavrina summed up the results of the VIII All-Russian festival of children's mass media "Magic word". By results competitions by the best edition in languages of the people Russian Federation the youth magazine "Ylga" was recognized (radio station "Ekho Moskvy"), the diploma for "The best design decision" is awarded the literary and art magazine for the ...