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Floop's mission is to empower people with information to make sustainable food choices. They're creating a mobile app that lets individuals track the impact their meals have on the planet.


United Kingdom

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Brand name Floop
Company name Floop
Website https://www.thefloopapp.com/
Founded year 2021
Employees 1 - 10

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Huffington Post US 05.08.2022
Where To Get The 'Floop' Earrings You've Been Seeing Everywhere

As someone who has been wearing earrings since before she could walk, I’m always looking for ways to expand my repertoire. I love a stud or vintage dangle as much as the next person, but there’s something extra special about a hoop. That said, my tastes have grown a bit more minimal when it comes to jewelry, and I am gravitating more toward compelling textures and shapes as opposed to imposing sizes. And these days, I’m all about the ...

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Collider 11.02.2022
'The Munsters': Jorge Garcia Joins Rob Zombie's Reboot Film as Floop

This morning, Rob Zombie took to Instagram to reveal the newest addition to the ever-growing ensemble for his film reimagining of the cult classic television show. The big social media reveal told fans that Jorge Garcia will be stepping into the role of Floop, Dr. Wolfgang's hunchback assistant. Along with being the doctor's right-hand man, Zombie tells us that Floop has also found a place in Herman Munster's heart as his best friend. Along ...

Floop news
JoBlo's Movie Emporium News 11.02.2022
The Munsters: Rob Zombie shares image of Jorge Garcia as Herman's best buddy Floop

latest Munsters image to hit Zombie's social media accounts reveals that Jorge Garcia of Lost is playing a character named Floop! Floop is “Dr. Wolfgang's hunchback assistant and Herman Munster's best buddy.” Garcia had been rumored to have a role in this project ever since we first heard about it, but his involvement was never officially confirmed until today. Rob Zombie's The Munsters is based on the classic sitcom of the same title, which ...

Floop news
Bloody Disgusting 11.02.2022
Rob Zombie's ‘The Munsters' – First Look at Jorge Garcia as Hunchback Assistant “Floop”!

Zombie has once again taken to Instagram to give us a first-look sneak peek at the upcoming movie, with today's teaser putting the spotlight on “Lost” actor Jorge Garcia ‘s character in the film. Garcia is playing a character named Floop, described by Zombie as being “Dr. Wolfgang's hunchback assistant and Herman Munster's best buddy.” The film's Ygor, essentially. Jeff Daniel Phillips is playing Herman Munster and Sheri Moon Zombie is playing ...

Floop news
Press of Atlantic City 29.10.2021
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Press of Atlantic City 23.10.2021

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ADOTAS 19.10.2021
Ideas on how to floop the pig: cards hostilities – journey Your Time techniques, tactics, and assistance

Anxiety definitely not: we are right here helping.Definitely not by mentioning you from the jawhorse, brain. But by ensuring you spend as few as feasible and invest it on all the right issues. We are calling it all of our ‘handy Card battles – experience experience hints and tips’.You set about away enjoying as Jake, with a deck tuned to three maize countries and something ineffective swamp. Most of your poster are generally associated with one ...