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EPilot offers the first employee benefits subscription plan powered by e-Mobility. Now your employees can select and book every local e-Mobility option available to lower global carbon emissions one commute at a time.



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Brand name ePilot
Company name ePilot Mobility GmbH
Register number HRB 210405
Website https://epilot.eu/
Founded year 2019
Employees 1 - 10
Contact [email protected]

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ePilot special edition: New HondaJet; Bizav looking up

Honda Aircraft is developing a new sibling for the original HondaJet. Attendees at the National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas were the first to see the HondaJet 2600 concept, which is projected to match the range and capability of a larger aircraft with efficiency. (Image courtesy of Honda Aircraft.) Read more >Honeywell expects 2021's business jet flight hours to surpass 2019's total ...

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DEAL-Magazine 30.07.2021
30.07.2021 epilot: eCommerce-Cloud bietet Potenziale für die Wohnungswirtschaft

Die beiden Branchen Energie und Wohnungswirtschaft haben große Schnittmengen. Beide tragen große Verantwortung, haben einen anspruchsvollen Kundenkreis und Nachholbedarf beim Thema Digitalisierung, wie Michel Nicolai, Gründer und CEO von epilot unterstreicht: „Wir kennen komplexe Mechanismen und Herausforderungen, die mit einem digitalen Veränderungsprozess einhergehen bereits aus der Energiewirtschaft. Hier konnten wir bisher mehr als 90 Kunden ...

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ePilot Special Edition: AirVenture goes big; New airplanes debut

A sleek new Italian airplane that is easy to fly, but more challenging to fly well, seeks to provide a challenge for U.S. student pilots. Read more >The next airplane from Van's Aircraft, the RV–15, is going to have one striking difference from all those that came before it: a high wing. Read more >The Diamond DA50 RG five-seat, retractable-gear, diesel-powered single-engine airplane made its North American debut at EAA AirVenture. Read more ...

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