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Crypto Bull Exchange is a leading Crypto and ECN/STP Forex Broker providing services and trading facilities to retail, institutional and professional clients globally with particular focus.


United Kingdom

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Brand name Crypto Bull
Company name Crypto Bull Exchange Ltd.
Founded year 2021
Employees None
Contact [email protected]

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Head Topics 02.12.2022
One Of The Biggest Bitcoin And Crypto Bulls Just Issued A Shock Price Prediction

One Of The Biggest Bitcoin And Crypto Bulls Just Issued A Shock Price Prediction Bitcoin, Bitcoin Price One Of The Biggest Bitcoin And Crypto Bulls Just Issued A Shock Price Prediction Renowned bitcoin and crypto bull Mike Novogratz has scrapped his $500,000 per bitcoin in five years price prediction SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images"The biggest change that has happened and the real reason bitcoin went down from $69,000 to near ...

Rocket News 13.11.2022
Market Extra: FTX bankruptcy: ‘He was never the golden boy of crypto to me,’ says crypto bull Tim Draper

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, the now-former CEO of the platform and its associated companies, was facing an $8 billion shortfall, The Wall Street Journal reported. However, some have been drawing such comparisons, including Galaxy Digital BRPHF, -10.00% CEO Mike Novogratz in an interview with CNBC: “You know, we basically have a situation that looks like Theranos,” he said on the business network on Thursday. “I’m furious,” Novogratz said, ...

Yahoo! Finance 13.11.2022
FTX bankruptcy: ‘He was never the golden boy of crypto to me,’ says crypto bull Tim Draper

Reuters OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) -Facebook owner Meta Platforms told employees on Friday that it would stop developing smart displays and smartwatches and that nearly half of the 11,000 jobs it eliminated this week in an unprecedented cost-cutting move were technology roles. Speaking during an employee townhall meeting heard by Reuters, Meta executives also said they were reorganizing parts of the company, combining a voice and video calling ...

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Bitnews Today 03.11.2022
Next Crypto Bull Run Likely to Hit in 2024: Crypto Capital Venture Founder

Founder of Crypto Capital Venture Dan Gambardello has addressed his followers to share his view as to when the next bull market will hit the crypto space. He believes this event is likely to happen in 2024 – the year when the next Bitcoin halving is scheduled, at some point between February and June. When a halving occurs (also referred to as "halvening"), rewards of BTC miners will get split in half, which means there will be half as much BTC ...

Crypto Bull news
Business Mayor 26.10.2022
Is China about to catalyze the crypto bull market through Hong Kong? – CryptoSlate

It went into depth on the complicated relationship between China and Hong Kong and how he is hopeful that the latter can restore its crypto hub standing. If so, what might this mean for the broader crypto market? China's anti-crypto stance China's crypto crackdown has a long history, with Beijing frequently announcing anti-crypto measures that determined locals skirted. Some speculate that Tether's rise in popularity can be attributed to the ...

Crypto Bull news
ZyCrypto (Online) 25.10.2022
Wealthy Crypto Bull Rishi Sunak Become’s Britain’s Prime Minister After Truss Resignation

In the confusing world of British politics, a new Prime Minister has been elected following Liz Truss’s controversial departure. Crypto believer and former UK Finance Minister, Rishi Sunak, has become the U.K.’s PM after winning Conservative Party leadership. The 42-year-old made several pro-crypto moves during his time as finance minister under former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Britain Gets A New Prime Minister Following Liz Truss’s Short ...

Msn India 25.10.2022
Why is crypto bull not yet over for cryptocurrency despite several jolts

T he drop in the global market capitalisation of digital asset and cryptocurrency reached below the $2 trillion mark this January, this is believed to have led to uncertainty among investors. “Rising interest rates and a global increase in inflation have lowered the anticipated investments in cryptocurrencies. Even though the US inflation and interest rates receive a lot of attention; India, has had comparable difficulties,” Saurav Raaj, ... 17.10.2022
A Rare Bitcoin Intraday Swing Is a Fillip for Jaded Crypto Bulls

Weary cryptocurrency investors pining for a recovery in beaten-down Bitcoin can take some solace from an unusual intraday price recovery. Read Full Story Discussion about this post

Crypto Bull news
Bitnews Today 14.10.2022
Mike Novogratz Wants Crypto Bulls to Temper Their Expectations

Galaxy Digital boss Mike Novogratz believes that upcoming market rallies will likely fade, according to a recently posted tweet. While bulls hope that the U.S. eventually slows, the billionaire claims that this is not the case. As reported by U.Today, Novogratz has repeatedly opined that the cryptocurrency market was very unlikely to recover without a potential Federal Reserve pivot. However, hopes of a more accommodative monetary policy ...

Crypto Bull news
Steemit 12.09.2022
What is a Crypto Bull Run?

A bull market, or bull run (the two terms are used interchangeably), often emerges during periods of investor pessimism, making the current crypto bear market ripe for a transition into bull market territory once again. During an actual bull market, confidence in the market is high, with most investors buying, demand outpacing supply, and rising prices. A textbook case of a crypto bull run occurred in 2021 (with the May 2021 crash duly noted). ...

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