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Coqui, a startup providing open speech tech for everyone with state of the art algorithms that specialises in recognising different accents.


Tile-Wardenberg-Straße 6, 10555 Berlin, Germany

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Brand name Coqui
Company name Coqui
Register number HRB 226777
Founded year 2021
Employees 1 - 10
Contact [email protected]

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Recent News and Activity about Coqui 24.10.2022
Aylin Somersan Coqui wird CEO der Allianz Trade Group

Vorbehaltlich der Genehmigung durch die Aufsichtsgremien der Allianz Trade Group wird Aylin Somersan Coqui, derzeit Group Chief Risk Officer bei der Allianz SE, neue CEO und Vorsitzende des Board of Management der Allianz Trade Gruppe. Sie folgt auf Clarisse Kopff, die zum 30. November 2022 eine neue Führungsrolle außerhalb der Allianz übernimmt. Aylin Somersan Coqui (46) hat einen Bachelor-Abschluss des Davidson College und einen MBA der ...

Coqui news
Boersen-Zeitung (Germany) (German) 21.10.2022
Somersan Coqui führt Kreditversicherer | Börsen-Zeitung

Aylin Somersan Coqui hat schon in vielen Allianz-Gesellschaften gearbeitet. Nun wird die frühere Bürochefin des heutigen Aufsichtsratsvorsitzenden Michael Diekmann die Vorstandsvorsitzende von Allianz Trade. mic – Aylin Somersan Coqui übernimmt den Vorstandsvorsitz von Allianz Trade. Sie werde das neue Amt antreten, wenn die Aufsichtsgremien die Besetzung genehmigt hätten, teilte der Versicherer mit. Damit setzt die 46-Jährige ihre ...

Coqui news 20.10.2022
Aylin Somersan Coqui steigt bei der Allianz auf

Der Kreditversicherer Allianz Trade hat Aylin Somersan Coqui, aktuell Group Chief Risk Officer der Allianz SE, zur Chief Execuitve Officer und Vorsitzenden des Board of Management berufen. Die 46-jährige Managerin folgt auf Clarisse Kopff, die beschlossen hat, sich zum 30. November aus dem Münchener Versicherungskonzern zurückzuziehen und zu den Nachbarn von der Munich Re zu wechseln. Jetzt Plus-Mitglied werden und 4 Wochen gratis weiterlesen: ...

Euro Weekly News (Spain) 22.09.2022
Coqui Restaurant and Green Man Cervecería: Caribbean-inspired fusion food and craft beers

The story of the Coqui Restaurant and the Green Man Cervecería is a story of friendship rather than a story of business.

Coqui news
Shaw Med Iaillinois 07.09.2022
Coqui Comfort brings Puerto Rican twist to Sterling street food

Coqui Comfort's food truck can be found in the parking lot of Northland Mall in Sterling up to four times a week. (Photo by Brandon Clark for Shaw Local News Network) STERLING – Over the past year, Selznick and Sue Garcia have been cooking up an idea on how best to serve the community. The Garcia’s had been taking and preparing food orders in their home and decided to expand their business by building a food truck. Coqui Comfort specializes in ...

Coqui news
Arizona's Local News 20.06.2022
A Taste of Puerto Rico in Phoenix with Phoenix Coqui

Alexis Cabajal, Co-Owner of Phoenix Coqui, shares how they went from food truck to restaurant & we get a lesson on how to create Quesito Bites Summer Lifestyle Essentials with Tom's of Maine, Water Wipes & Hair Food Recipe: Quesito Bites These are bite sized vanilla cream cheese filled puff pastries. Ingredients: 1 sheet of puff pastry, thawed* 8 ounces of cream cheese 1 cup of sugar ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 egg ½ cup granulated sugar ...

Hawaii News Network 16.05.2022
Hawaii officials resume postponed aerial drop to eradicate coqui frogs in Waimanalo

See the original article at: Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Mouth by Southwest 26.04.2022
Puerto Rican restaurant Phoenix Coqui opens in ex-Crazy Jim's in Phoenix

Puerto Rican food truck Phoenix Coqui has opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant on the southeast corner of Indian School and 15th Avenue in Phoenix. It takes over the space that formerly was home to Mediterranean restaurant Crazy Jim’s, an Encanto neighborhood favorite for 36 years before closing in January. Click here to sign up for the free MXSW Eating & Drinking Newsletter via email Tuesday through Friday.

Coqui news
Head Topics 23.04.2022
Phoenix Coqui, Puerto Rican food truck, goes brick-and-mortar

Puerto Rican food truck, Phoenix Coqui, is opening a restaurant near 15th Avenue and Indian School Road. Alexis Carbajal, founder, and Juan Ayala, executive chef, will have their restaurant grand opening Saturday, April 23. According to Alexis Carbajal, founder of Phoenix Coqui, their food truck was Arizona's first Puerto Rican food truck. Phoenix Coqui has been serving the Valley since 2017 with family recipes on wheels, each bite “[taking] ...

Coqui news
Yahoo! News US 22.04.2022
Phoenix Coqui brings Puerto Rican authentic food to the Valley


Coqui news